Featured articles

“Pearls and the People of God”. Japan Harvest, vol. 70, no. 3 (Summer 2019)
A meditation on how brokenness leads to grace and beauty.

“Language of Missions: Art Rooted in the Trinitarian Language of God”. Global Missiology. vol. 3, no. 16 (April 2019)
Musicians, visual artists, dancers, drama students, photographers, film students, and other artists are entering the mission field at a record pace, fundamentally changing the way we do missions. How so? What makes the arts so effective at communicating truths about God and the gospel? How do the arts communicate differently than plain words? The languages of the arts, like all languages, are rooted in the language of the Triune God. They reveal the nature of God, speak of his purposes, and assure us of his presence. God speaks through the arts of every language, tribe, and nation to help us know him and worship him through every culture of the world.

“The organ and disaster relief: An American organist in Japan”. The Diapason (October 2011)
The story of how Roger began using the pipe organ in the disaster relief since March 11, 2011 and how survivors responded to the music of the pipe organ. 

“Current Students and Alums Reach Out to Japanese Earthquake Victims”. The Juilliard Journal (October 2011)
The connection between the arts and disaster relief according to a group of Juilliard students who came just months after the disaster.

“Coming together for the survivors”. Japan Times (April 1, 2011)
The start of the relief movement in our community of Tsukishima, Tokyo. While Community Arts Tokyo was not yet born, the relationships formed through the relief movement made its beginnings possible.

Articles on Art & Church Planting in Japan

“Beauty through Japanese Eyes – The Tale of Genji as a Window to Japan”. Japan Harvest. Winter 2010
“Beauty through Japanese Eyes – The Tale of Genji as a Window to Japan, Part 2”. Japan Harvest. Winter 2011
The artistic and historical significance of The Tale of Genji, as well as insights it gives us into Japanese culture today. Genji shows us the Japanese perspective of what is beautiful about the God of the Bible as it leads us in worship of Him.

“The Spiritual Power of Bach’s Organ Music in Japan”. The American Organist. March 2010
Musicians are being called into world missions to help plant churches. See how the music of J.S. Bach is having such an emotional, intellectual, and spiritual impact in Japan.

“Short Films and Church Planting”. Japan Harvest. Summer 2010
Jitensha (”The Bicycle”) is a film by Yu Shibuya, a screenwriter/director/producer friend of ours here in Japan, who uses his “spectacles of grace” to see redemption and healing in the Japanese culture. You can order Jitensha and other films by going to www.studio-re.com.

“Arts in Mission: From Peru to Japan”. Japan Harvest. Fall 2008
A revival is occurring in the artist community around the world, and many of these artists are joining church planting teams, using their craft as artists to build community and bring the gospel to the hearts of the people.

Additional Articles


“The Aroma of Beauty: Music in Disaster Relief”
Worship and Mission for the Global Church. 2013

“Bringing relief through charity work”
Lee Magazine. March 2013 (Japanese)

“Bringing music to the disaster area”
Christian Shinbun. December 30, 2012 (Japanese) 

“A time of comfort for refugees”
Fukushima Minzoku. June 10, 2012 (Japanese)

“How musicians bring comfort after a catastrophe”
Crescendo. April 2012 (German)

“Relief supplies with nowhere to go”
Asahi Shinbun. November 6, 2011 (Japanese)

“Hope for Japan”
Network. Summer 2011

“Responding to the physical and spiritual needs”
Christian Shinbun. April 10, 2011 (Japanese)

“Organ and Missions in Taiwan, Japan, and Indonesia”
The American Organist. March 2011